Timark Motors is an authorized importer and distributor of Skiatsu Carports in Cyprus.

Carports are a popular alternative to having an additional garage built to protect a car or boat. In hot climates, a carport provides shade for a vehicle that might otherwise have to park all day in the sun making it extremely unpleasant to enter a car that is hot and stuffy.

We are proud to present the all new carport range made to upgrade your lifestyle.

Skiatsu carports

The polycarbonate roof acts like a shield against all those harmful sunrays, blocking by 100% the UV and by 50% the IR radiation – carports can also protect vehicles from rainwater, acid rain, snow, frost and hail.

Built-in integrated gutters and rainwater down pipes, result in carports with very clean lines and finish that compliment the design of any building, providing a very attractive shade solution- in this innovate carport range, the aluminum framework is supported at only one end by legs fixed into the ground with the horizontal spans cantilever out over the parking space giving vehicles a bigger turning circle space when entering or exiting the parking bay- obviously it is preferable to use anodized aluminum in the construction of a carport structure, especially in coastal regions where rust can be a problem- the damage proof PC board is said to be 250 times than the normal glass, making the carport even more resistant to shocks.

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